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Welcome to our website.

Hello, everyone. Welcome to our website.
Our hotel, MIZUKAMI-SOU, natural hot spring hotel and located in Mizukami-mura, Kumamoto, which is surrounded by the great nature.

It is a cozy little Japanese-style inn where you can feel relaxed and spend your own time.Near our hotel, there is a sacred mountain called Mt, ICHIFUSA where you can have a trekking experience and feel the great nature. This is the only designated spot of forest therapy in the prefecture. You can overlook Kyushu mountains from the top, and the scenery is just amazing!

You can also enjoy swimming in the river with your kids in summer and canoeing in the damu lake all year round.
Besides them, you might want to work out or train yourself in a top-class cross country field (Mizukami Sky Village) for the coming.Tokyo Olympic game in 2020. It takes about 15minutes from the hotel. They have some staffs who can give you a good advice because they have an experience of running in Hakone ekiden relay race. We welcome group training camps. (Reservation are needed beforehand.)

※The staffs can speak only little English, but we will try to speak by heart. One of our principle is to make an importance on your quality time. If you have a good time here that’ll be our pleasure.

※We have to be in cash, and Japanese currency for the payment.

※We are sorry but we do not take traveler's check.

※We do not exchange here.